NCCCC Individual and Team Standings Posted

Individual and team standings are posted on the Standing Webpage on the NCCCC Website.  Congratulations to all!

Our sincere gratitude goes to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Cycling Club for hosting our first home conference event.  The weather and venues were great!

Check out the Team Time-Trials.  Results were appropriately assigned by division, as well as by category in the Team Standings.

The NCCCC’s next event is at the University of Iowa on April 11 and 12…see you at the races!

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Hosts First Home-Conference Tour de Husker Event on March 21-22

This weekend, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is hosting the Collegiate Tour de Husker for the NCCCC’s first home-conference event.  Register here and see the Race Flyer here.   See you at the races!

NCCCC bib numbers will be distributed at registration.  Remember to bring this bib number to each home-conference event during the 2015 Spring Road Season.

NCCCC 2015 RR Season Begins This Weekend at Dual-Conference Event

Are you heading off to the Arkansas Classic for the first of two dual-conference RR events for 2015?  Don’t forget to pre-register (registration deadline is tomorrow 3/6/2014 11:45 pm CST at and see the revised Event Flyer and Event Website.

Don’t forget to thank our University of Arkansas Cycling Club Hosts and Conference Directors from the SCCCC.

Have a great race!

NCCCC Spring 2015 Road Race Season Schedule

In just a few short weeks the road racing season will be starting for the NCCCC.  My sincere gratitude goes out to those clubs/teams that have considered hosting an event this spring.  Albeit the schedule may change slightly over the next two weeks, I wanted to get this out to the NCCCC Colleges and Universities so that you might start planning your travel…watch for any announcement of changes on this website.  As you may have noticed, we have two dual-conference events this year–one with the SCCCC at the University of Arkansas and what is now becoming a tradition with the MWCCC at Lindenwood University.

NCCCC 2015 Road Race Season Schedule

  • March 7-8            Dual-conference (SCCCC) University of Arkansas
  • March 14-15      University of Kansas (CANCELLED)
  • March 21-22      University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • April 11-12          University of Iowa
  • April 18-19          Dual-conference (MWCCC) Lindenwood University
  • April 25-26          University of Minnesota-Twin Cities*
  • May 8-10               Collegiate National Championships

* The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities will be hosting the NCCCC Championships.

DNA Cycling Sponsors the NCCCC Leaders’ Jerseys

With collegiate cyclo-cross championships only a few weeks away we are excited to announce a new sponsor for the North Central Conference leader’s jerseys. DNA Cycling has stepped up to make the new jerseys and partner with collegiate cycling as we move forward into the spring road season. In addition to this we have worked closely with DNA cycling to revamp the current leaders jerseys as well as provide a look that is recognizable across the conferences.

“We are honored to be working with the North Central Conference on a collegiate level. Being able to support such athletes at this stage in their life and cycling careers is a joy for us all at DNA,” DNA Cycling’s Joe Sepulveda has said. “We know the sacrifice, dedication and team support that comes from a collegiate experience and we believe this falls in line with our pure passion for the lifelong sport of cycling.”

DNA Cycling is known for cycling clothing on both the road and the dirt and in addition to making clothing for the collegiate leaders jerseys, DNA would be happy to help collegiate teams with the design and production of team kits. This includes standard items as well as cycling accessories and other promotional apparel such as team shirts. For more information, feel free to check out their website or get in touch with Joe Sepulveda at

Please join us in welcoming DNA Cycling to the collegiate cycling family, and we look forward to seeing many of you in the new leaders’ jerseys.

Call For Spring 2015 Road Bike Race Event Proposals

NCCCC Club/Team Officers,

Below is the description of the “bidding” process for planning the Spring 2015 Road Bike Racing Season.  It is similar to the process used by other collegiate conferences for the past few years. Note that the process involves submission of a preliminary proposal (bid), that once all preliminary bids are received and a final schedule approved by the conference clubs/teams, it will be time to finalize the preliminary bid into a final formal proposal (you will not necessarily be prompted to do so.)  Subsequently, the more explicit and comprehensive the preliminary bid, the easier is this later process. Instructions for both parts are in this email.


Event Bid Preparation Instructions and Considerations:

These instructions might seem lengthy, but it is important that you follow them.  Additionally, promoters will also need to be able to follow these instructions (provided to them by your club/team), so consider this part of the event bidding process.  At times, promoters have been marginally following the proposal requirements and submitting the absolute bare minimum—which has subsequently affected the decisions on which clubs/teams do or do not sponsor events. Please assist promoters in providing a much information as possible and explaining why it may not be possible to provide specific informational items.

The conference will vote to approve the final schedule this year via an email ballot—with each club possessing one vote.  Once the preliminary proposals are submitted, I will work with the clubs/teams and promoters to propose a tentative schedule.  Promoters can make comments to the conference and propose alternatives, if they feel it is not the best schedule.  The deadline for the approval of the Final Schedule will depend on how quickly it is possible to acquire preliminary proposals from the conference membership. My preference is to have this completed by the end of December 2014.


Points/Items to Consider:

1. The preliminary bids are not just a step to complete at the last minute and forget.  The purpose is to allow host schools to possibly coordinate (including a potential to share-a-weekend) and to propose weekends that are not being requested by other schools.  In general, you improve your chances of hosting a race event if there are fewer schools requesting the same weekend.  Also, in the event that more schools request weekends than we have available (which could potentially occur), I look more favorably on weekends split between two nearby schools.  I know this is not always possible due to geography or scheduling, and a split weekend is no guarantee of inclusion in the proposed schedule, but it is one of several factors that will be considered.

2. To encourage use of the preliminary bid proposals, you will have to set tentative dates and alternatives. Please remember that scheduling will most likely follow the receding winter weather from the south to the north of our conference colleges and universities. Once you have been assigned a date by the conference vote, you can then go back and update the preliminary bid as you develop the final proposal. This process allows every club/team to submit a preliminary bid and establish the initial scheduling process; it also provides the club/team with some time in case any technical problems arise and need to be worked through before the final proposal is due.

3. Another factor that will be considered is participation in last year’s road bike racing season.  If you are going to ask that everyone travel to an event hosted by your school, it is only fair to hope that you travel to the events hosted by other schools.  This is not a measure of how many riders you bring, but whether your school is present. Realize, nobody expects a team to be at every race. Because many clubs have different groups for road, cyclo-cross and mountain bike seasons, I will only be looking at participation in the prior road bike season.  Again, this is no guarantee of hosting a race event; but is, once again, a composite of several considerations.

4. Because riders need to work their way up through the categories and the – ever tightening – requirements for nationals eligibility, we need to consider hosting various disciplines in time trials, road races and criteriums.  Ideally, every event must have at least a minimum of two separate races for each gender in each discipline under the A and Intro categories. The Intro category corresponds to the lowest category for that gender in that conference and shall be advertised as “Introduction to Bicycle Racing” or “Intro” category on all event flyers e.g., Women’s B/Intro OR Women’s Intro OR Women’s Introduction to Bicycle Racing (6G2). Not including all disciplines in an event during a weekend will not strictly exclude you from hosting but it will be an important factor considered in the scheduling process.

5. Promoters who are not students must outline how collegians will assist in planning the event (not just helping race-day.) Promoting a race provides important skills and experience to collegians.  This is not to say non-collegians (e.g., coaches) should not be involved since they are often responsible for long-running, consistently well-promoted events.  Collegian participation will be another aspect considered.

6. All proposals must include a completed Race Hosting Plan.  The goal is both to review and consider all of the components of hosting an event, making sure all issues have been carefully considered; and, to initiate a mechanism that assures the plans are being implemented as the race event approaches.

7. It would be worth considering including some team events in the event.  If your proposal includes only one discipline for the weekend event, it might be reasonable to include a team race, in addition to the individual races, to fill out the weekend activities.

National Championships are scheduled for May 8-10, 2015.  I have set a tentative regionals date to be no later than April 25-26, 2015.  We will aim to start the season March 14-15, 2015; albeit we will need to consider earlier dates since we often have inclement weather.  Event schedules will partially depend on the number of proposals and dual-conference events.  

I intend to have a video conference as a follow up to these instructions on the preliminary bid process. Please contact me if you are interested in participating in that video conference (telecom).

Let me know if you have any questions prior to that video conference.




Call for Preliminary Race Proposals:

Preliminary proposals will be accepted through December 20, 2014.  This step of the process will be done using email submissions; wherein, initial information on your bid must be submitted to the conference director at


Proposals should include:

1. Date preference (indicating proposed date and any alternatives)

2. E-mail contact information for bid sponsor from the club/team

3. Event descriptions (Race Hosting Plan)

4. Whether or not you would want to be considered for hosting regionals (note date information below in the description of the formal proposal.)

How much to include in item 3 (above) is at the discretion of the promoters.  At a minimum, the types of events planned but can also include course descriptions or any other information.  Any other pertinent information is also welcome.  Events should include all disciplines, or other events you want to propose.  You do not need to submit all the information for the final proposal and it does not need to be formatted either (i.e., if you can’t get it to look the way you want, don’t worry as long as the basic information is there.)

Proposals will be viewable by other promoters so they will be able to see how many proposals request certain dates, what clubs are requesting races, and the nature of the event(s).

Proposals can be changed as the process progresses by submitting a revised proposal (taking into account what other clubs have proposed) and this can be done as many times as necessary till this step of the process ends.  This is the primary purpose of the preliminary proposal! 

Call for Formal Race Proposals:

Formal Race Proposals will be submitted to the conference director, based on the information submitted during the preliminary bid (proposal) process.  These finalized proposals should not change the information represented in the last preliminary bid version – the purpose of the formal proposals is to provide further information for final consideration.  Final Formal Race Proposals should be received by December 30, 2014.


Proposals are to be submitted by email to or  Proposals should contain all the required information. Maps, permits, or any other non-electronic documents would need to be scanned and included.  If that is an issue and you’d like to send it through the mail, let me know.  Please include everything in one document to make it easier to track what belongs with any particular proposal.


First consideration will be given to proposals that include all of the following:

1. Complete course descriptions, including maps

2. Written permission from appropriate authorities

3. Preliminary schedule for events

4. Contact information (e-mail and telephone) for the remainder of the spring, the summer, as well as the fall (as much as is possible)

5. A person designated as responsible for results and roster submissions – This can be the promoter or someone else.  They must be able to take the time prior to the race to understand the process and able to complete the needed information in the correct format promptly after the event.

6. Significant student participation in the event promotion (which must be outlined – who will complete the work and what roles they will play.  This is involves participation as more than just race-day volunteers.)

7. A list of race events

8. A timeline for completion of major milestones in event preparation.  (Details below)

9. Completed event USA Cycling Event Medical Plan and Checklist


Notes for promoters:

Proposals deficient in one or more categories will be considered; but when two proposals compete for a date, preference will go to complete proposals.

When possible, indicate alternate dates that you might be able to also hold your event. With the initial bid, written permission will only be necessary for the first choice (if an alternate date works better for the conference, the promoter will be given an opportunity to obtain permission.)


The permission process takes time, but also is paramount in completing a successful race.  The harder the sponsoring club/team or promoter works now, the less he or she will have to work later.  If you are unable to get written permission before the proposals are due, an indication of where you are in the permitting process and what you will need to complete it can be taken into account to partially fulfill this requirement.  The more you show you know about what needs to be done, the better your position.  (Some venues will not give written permission without proof of insurance; and, you cannot get the insurance certificates without a race permit—which you won’t get without a final date on the calendar…  I am aware of this; if this applies to your proposal, include as much information about what will need to be done – including a copy of the venue’s form; and, if possible, written indication from the venue that it is available on the date requested.)

For Saturday races, the NCCCC recommends a late morning or early afternoon start times, if feasible. For Sunday, the NCCCC recommends an early to mid-morning start time, if feasible. These times allow for race-day travel to save hotel costs, and earlier Sunday departure to return to home campuses. These times may be altered for the Regional Championship or other races holding multiple events on one day.

It is imperative that the conference director be able to contact race promoters in the weeks and months before the event.  If contact information changes (including the names of individuals to contact) after the proposal is submitted, you MUST inform the conference director as soon as possible.

The timeline is intended to get you thinking about when different aspects of preparation need to be completed. During the winter and spring, you will need to provide documentation showing whether or not you have met the date targets you set; this will be considered as a factor when evaluating the proposals for the next season (so schedule carefully).  Important milestones include submitting your USA Cycling permit application, contacting residents and businesses along and near the course, contacting the school – especially for on-campus events – and having final – written – permission to use your courses if you aren’t able to do that as part of the proposal.  When setting these dates, be sure to factor in time for unexpected delays; truly extenuating circumstances might be factored in the following year, but there is no guarantee.  Your schedule should include submitting your USA Cycling permit application at least six weeks before the event.  No club will be given a date on the final schedule without this information.


Regional Championship Proposals:

The tentative target date for the Regional Championship is the weekend of April 25-26, 2015. Proposals for other dates will also be considered though preference will be given to proposals for this weekend.  The conference championship bid must include several disciplines, e.g., road races, time trials or criteriums.

NCCCC 2014 Cyclo-Cross Season Standings (November 11, 2014)

NCCCC 2014 Cyclo-Cross Season Standings 

With all of the sanctioned NCCCC 2014 Cyclo-Cross Events becoming competitive cycling history, the individual standings are as follows.  Congratulations to this years competitors!

D1-Men’s A Individual Competition

  • Andy Keogh     ????     160 pts
  • Grant Flick     UMTC     140 pts
  • Robert Brigman     KU     80 pts
  • Andrew Strempke     KU     80 pts
 D1-Men’s B Individual Competition
  • Samuel Ervin     KU     96 pts
  •  Logan Grace     UMTC     96 pts
D1-Men’s C Individual Competition
  •  Blake Kelley     UMTC      50 pts
  •  Adam Trunnell      KU     32 pts
  •  Daniel Svedberg     UMTC     24 pts
  • Anthony Corradi     UMTC     12 pts
D2-Men’s A Individual Competition
  • Mitch Nordahl     NDSU     240 pts
D2-Men’s C Individual Competition
  • Wilson  Schadauer     NDSU     64 pts
  • Alex Koppy     NDSU     48 pts
  • Tyler Holmvik     NDSU     33 pts
  • Christian Ruud     St. Olaf     32 pts
  • Sam Mayer     NDSU     30 pts
  • Sam Fritz     UMD     24 pts
  • Michael Stralka     St. Olaf     15 pts
D1-Women’s A Individual Competition
  • Katherine Kelter     KU      160 pts
D1-Women’s B Individual Competition
  • Savannah Adams     KU     48 pts
D2-Women’s A Individual Competition
  • Emily Nordahl     NDSU     240 pts
 D2-Women’s C Individual Competition
  • Emily Naylor     NDSU     66 pts
  • Anna Luckow     St. Olaf     24 pts

NCCCC CX Season Begins

The NCCCC Cyclo-cross Season begins October 25th.

2014 NCCCC CX Schedule of Events–



    Queen City      Cycling 

Sioux Falls, SD

Elmwood Forest CX





KU Cycling 

Team Colavita & Parisi Coffee

KCOI Boulevard

Shawnee, KS

Colavita Cup   & 

Boulevard Cup 2014


Flyer (Colavita)

Flyer     (Boulevard)



UM–Twin Cities 

Little Guy Racing

National Sports Center

Blaine, MN

Velo CX





Sioux City Velo


Le Mars, IA

Frosty Cross CX




North Central Collegiate Cycling Conference